Accommodations–Retreat Centre

You will be housed in the Retreat Centre unless you come in an RV, bring your own tent, or request a cabin. The rooms are set up with bunk beds (double/twin combos)

and you will need to supply your own bedding, pillows and towels. There are mini blinds in the windows.

Fifteen rooms will each accommodate six people (two bunks) and five rooms will each accommodate two or three people (one bunk). If necessary, an extra cot can be included at your request.

Each room has its own two-piece bathroom. Each room has a key.

There are several showers and additional bathrooms along the hallways.

The rooms housing two or three people are at the front of the building facing the parking lot. Light from the lamp posts shine in those rooms at night! About half of the rooms housing six people face the parking lot and half face the back of the property toward the lake. If it is important to you to face one direction of the other, please say so on your registration form.

Please do not contact Camp Norland about the accommodations or Retreat Centre. We have visited the Camp and should be able to answer any questions you might have.