Code of Conduct

Camp Norland has asked us to comply with their Code of Conduct.

1. Inasmuch as the Camp Norland buildings are primarily intended for the purpose of Christian Camping, no permit shall be granted which will interfere with the regular operations of the Camp.

2. Inasmuch as Camp Norland is a Christian Camp the undersigned individual, organization or group using the Camp hereby agrees not to contravene, by word, action or inaction, any of the articles of faith and beliefs set out in the statement of faith during the rental period.

3. Applications must be submitted in writing on the prescribed form to the Camp Director or Retreat Co-ordinator not later than thirty days (30) prior to the date on which Camp Norland facilities are required.

4. No alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than prescribed drugs) are to be permitted or allowed on the premises at any time. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings on the camp property including tents and trailers or anywhere on Camp Norland Property. Smokers must go off the property to smoke.

5. The Camp Director or Retreat Co-ordinator or such other employee or officer of the Camp Management Board as the Board may designate, shall be in charge of the premises at all times, and his/her instructions must be followed.

6. Each organization or group using camp facilities shall designate a person who will be responsible at all times for the activities of the group.

7. The premises must be vacated at the time determined by the Camp Director or Retreat Co-ordinator or by 2:00 P.M. on the last day of the rental if no time is predetermined.

8. No equipment shall be moved or operated unless permission is applied for and approved. All equipment and other facilities must be returned to their proper place of storage and the premises left in a state of cleanliness satisfactory to the Camp Director or Retreat Co-ordinator or designate.

9. Camp Norland Christian Ministries Inc., its staff or volunteers shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person, persons, or property on, in, or about the camp, whereby the user promises to indemnify Camp Norland Christian Ministries Inc. for all damages and to assume all risks of liability.

10. Any person, persons, group, association or corporate body using the premises of Camp Norland or any part thereof shall be bound to observe and perform those of the within rules and regulations applicable to them; and should there be any breach thereof or noncompliance therewith shall be liable for any damages incurred by Camp Norland Christian Ministries Inc. as a result thereof.

11. The Management Board of Camp Norland Christian Ministries Inc. reserves the right to cancel any permit for use of the camp at any time.

12. While due care is taken for the health and safety of our guests, in the event of sickness or accident, Camp Norland, including the Board of Directors and Staff, are hereby released from any liability.

Signed:__________________________________________________ Dated:________________________________________

You can download and/or print off their Code of Conduct here:

Code of Conduct Norland

Please note the following specifically:

  1. We are not permitted to bring any alcohol onto the property.
  2. Smokers must go off the property to smoke.
  3. We are asking you to sign a waiver that Camp Norland and its personnel as well as your Sukkot hosts, speakers, staff and volunteers are released from any liability in the event of sickness or accident.