First Fruits

Scripture (Deuteronomy 16:16) requires us to bring our First Fruits offerings to Sukkot. You may bring the first fruits of your harvest for the cook to prepare for the crowd or you may bring cash to put in the donation box. Or you may prefer to give a gift directly to a speaker or someone else.

If you plan to bring food, please let us know in advance what you are bringing so the cook can adjust his food budget, menu, and shopping list.

If you plan to bring a cash gift, that will be used as YHWH directs. It may be given to a speaker, to feed the poor, given to a ministry, help a fellow-camper with their Sukkot expenses, etc. If you prefer, you may send an extra cheque along with your registration to The Way Home Group Sukkot, P. O. Box 4, Warren, ON P0H 2N0. If you do so, please remember to tell us how you want it designated.

Your hosts are not able to provide a tax-deductible receipt for your gift. However, David Sloss has a ministry that can do that for you if you give a gift directly to him.