The Camp has a fully equipped modern kitchen with refrigerators, stoves, and dishes. There’s even an electric dishwasher!

Our chef will prepare high-quality food

that will satisfy the needs of everyone.

Please let us know whether you prefer a mainly meat-based menu, a vegetarian menu, or a vegan menu.

It will help our chef immensely to know the percentages!

Unfortunately, we cannot cater to every person’s dietary requirements.

Therefore if there is something that you and your family must be watchful of, please take care of that yourself. For example, if you have a form of gluten intolerance and wish to eat baked goods please bring your own gluten-free bread and treats.

We would really appreciate it if you will monitor your children in the food line, so there will be no food waste. Our food servers will portion out food so that everyone gets a fair amount–and you will be able to go back for seconds if there are any–but they will not necessarily know what your child will or will not eat. 

If you would like to contribute food as part of your First Fruits offering, that will help to make sure we provide food your family likes and can eat. Please let us know in advance what you are bringing so we can adjust our menu plans accordingly.