We understand that there may be families who cannot commit to staying on the premises for the entire 10 days but who would like to attend for a few days, most likely a weekend or two. Therefore we are offering a Sukkot Mini Registration to cover accommodations @ $20/night plus food and other expenses at the same rates as for the day pass. You do not need to complete a day pass if you are completing a Mini Registration.

Unless you are planning to bring your own tent or RV, please note that although we will do our best to accommodate you for the few days you plan to be with us, we cannot guarantee that there will be the kind of accommodations you prefer on those dates. We suggest a few options:

1) Add a note to your Mini Registration that you are willing to share a single women’s or single men’s room or cabin.

2) If someone you know is registering for the whole Sukkot, and they do not expect to fill their space, you might ask them if you can bunk with them for those days. Just ask them to add you to their registration and reimburse them for your portion. In this case, please have them add a note to the registration form detailing which days and nights you will be with them. Calculate out your food costs in the same way as it is done on the Mini Registration form. (If it’s easier for you, you may complete a Mini Registration and attach it to their Registration form and submit it to us at the same time.)

3) Arrange with someone who also wants to register part-time to share their accommodations. This would be suitable for two families or groups that each want to join us for half the time–say, a different weekend each. In this case, each of the families or groups should complete a Mini Registration and submit them together.

4) Contact Connie as soon as you know you can join us for a few days to inquire about accommodations. She will collect information from other people such as yourself and see if it would work to set apart a room or two to be used for a series of short stays. Remember, though, that it is highly likely that most people like yourself will want to attend on the weekends only so this may not work out.

Please print off and complete the Sukkot Mini Registration and waiver and send them along with your payment to The Way Home Group Sukkot, P. O. Box 4, Warren, ON, P0H 2N0.

If you decide at the last minute to join us, please contact Connie to ensure there will be accommodations for you and then bring your payment with you. If it happens to be the Shabbat, please put your Mini Registration form, waiver, and payment into an envelope with your name on it and give it to Connie Lacelle.