We are providing your choice of accommodations and all of the food you require–all for a very low cost. What more can you ask? You cannot stay anywhere else for ten days at these prices!

Our assumption is that our food costs will be approximately $150 per person aged 14 and above and $75 per child between 9 and 13 years of age. (And that children under 8 don’t eat much.) Accommodation is $200 per unit, no matter what it is. Here are a few examples of what your costs would be:

Single adults: $350 (1 x $200 plus 1 x $150)

Couples: $500 (1 x $200 plus 2 x $150)

Family with one child between 9 and 13: $575 (1 x $200 plus 2 x $150 plus 1 x $75).

Family with two children between 9 and 13: $650 (1 x $200 plus 2 x $150 plus 2 x $75).

Family Special: Family that consists of  a couple plus 2 or more children 13 and under: $650 (1 x $200 plus 2 x $150 plus 2 x $75 plus zero for additional children).

The registration form provides space for you to list all occupants and their ages and do your own calculations. 

You can save a bit of money by sharing your accommodations, as the charge is $200 per unit no matter where it is. The larger rooms can accommodate up to 7 people (if a cot is requested) so the registration form provides space for you to list up to 7 people. If you are registering on behalf of someone other than your own family in order to fill your accommodations and save a bit of money, please provide all of their names on the form and submit payment to us on their behalf.

If your group is between 7 and 12 people and you’d like to stay together in a cabin, please use the back of the registration form to give us the requested information.

If more than 17 couples/families register and do not bring RV’s or tents, then we will need to have you share rooms or use some cabins. For example, we could have a single ladies’ room or a single men’s room. Please let us know if you are willing to share a room and with whom but are not including them in your registration at this time. If this situation arises, we will contact you to confirm the occupants of your room and let you know of any potential adjustment in your accommodations cost.

If you cannot stay at the Sukkot site overnight, you may still visit with us in the daytime as many days as you like. Please purchase a day pass (in advance if possible) to help us pay for food and other costs. We assume that our costs will be about $20/day for adults and teens 14 and over, and $15/day for children between 9 and 13.