Please RSVP to your Sukkot Hosts as soon as possible! (Do not contact Camp Norland; they are just renting us the property.)

One reason to register “early” is to make sure you get the accommodations you want, which would be especially important if you do not want to share them.

We would appreciate having your registration as soon as possible so we know how many people to prepare for. It would be great to have a count by August 31st.

Please print off and complete the Sukkot registration form or the Sukkot Mini Registration form or the day pass registration form along with the waiver, and send them with your deposit (or full payment) to The Way Home Group Sukkot, P. O. Box 4, Warren, ON P0H 2N0.

(Please note: deposits are not refundable.)

We understand if you are not able to register by the end of August. It happens. If you can do so, it will help us tremendously because we need to buy food in advance and other things like that. But if you simply cannot register “early” please do not feel you cannot come. Just give us a heads up and register when you can!