We are endeavouring to arrange a fuss-free Sukkot for you, where you are not required to bring a lot of potluck items for meals, disposable dishes or cutlery, etc.

However, we will appreciate your assistance with keeping the environment clean and safe and with other things that make a group camping experience pleasant.

A great Sukkot experience depends a great deal on volunteers! 

We have provided a place on all of the registration forms for you to mention specifically what you would like to volunteer to do. Specifics will enable us to figure out what might need to be assigned when people don’t know exactly what they want to volunteer to do. Please let us know on your registration form what chores you are willing to assist with. At the bottom of this page there is a suggested list; if you think something is missing please let us know!

We have prepared a notebook containing sign-up sheets for three types of volunteer tasks–Meal Preps and Serving; Daily Clean-Up (kitchen and dining room); Miscellaneous Housekeeping. We will place your name in various slots on these sheets based on the information you provide for us on your registration forms. Please check the notebook when you arrive to find out what your designated tasks are and when they need to be completed. Feel free to add your name to additional vacant slots! The notebook will be kept on the registration desk.  

Volunteer tasks:

  • assisting cook by preparing vegetables and fruits,
  • assisting cook in other ways that he requires,
  • serving food,
  • keeping coffee/tea/beverages available,
  • set out breakfast items daily,
  • kitchen clean-up,
  • clearing and wiping tables,
  • sweeping floors,
  • washing floors,
  • running the dishwasher,
  • putting away dishes,
  • cleaning and re-supplying bathrooms and showers,
  • keeping laundry room tidy,
  • monitoring games room,
  • monitoring crafts room,
  • arranging chairs,
  • assisting with decorating,
  • something else (please specify),
  • building and maintaining campfires